In this clinic (Igniting Inner Health), we provide hands on Bowen Therapy, which is a soft tissue therapy designed to assist in patient comfort, pain management and the promotion of general well being. We do not treat or diagnose disease and we do not perform forceful manipulations on the spine.

Although the treatment is gentle some people can experience aches and pains from detoxification &/or muscular pain, discomfort for 1 to 3 days following a treatment as the body goes through a physiological change. This is normally a positive sign.

All possible care is taken in your treatment, however we do advise that a small number of clients may experience one or more of the following as a result of a natural therapy treatment. Blood pressure changes which may lead to light headiness, a strong emotional release, loose bowel motions, pain or tingling sensation.

Other possible outcomes of any form of bodywork may include conditions becoming worse before they improve, fainting, headaches, tiredness, menstrual disturbances, nausea/ vomiting.

Reactions are the exception not the rule but it is my duty of care as a healthcare professional to notify you of the above, not to alarm you, but to keep you informed no matter how unlikely.

I’m sure you are aware the human body is capable of many unpredictable changes. The above mentioned treatment is amongst the safest & gentlest of natural therapies.

If you experience any adverse symptoms that concern you please contact your therapist (or Doctor if unable to contact your therapist) & if affected refrain from driving a motor car or operating other machinery.

N.B. It is the clients responsibility to notify your therapist of any changes relating to health and/or physical condition on each visit.

Caroline Debattista

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