Back Pain

A 50 year old male presented with right lumbar back pain with nerve pain radiating into the right groin and thigh. This was as a result of a L4/L5 (Lumbar vertebrae) disc bulge and a possible impingement at L2/L3.

He was also suffering depression because his condition was restricting his lifestyle, in particular his sporting lifestyle, and he was on medication for this.

The doctors told him he may eventually become pain free, but may never get back to his usual sporting activities. On initial observation, he had pelvic elevation on the left side of his body and a short right leg.

After the first treatment with this corrected, the back pain had disappeared.

After second treatment he had reduced his pain killers down to taking in the morning only.
After the third treatment all pain into right groin and thigh had become intermittent and eventually completely resolved after the 5th treatment.

His depression improved greatly and from the third treatment, the client started smiling when I greeted him.

He is now back to playing the sport he loves!

Case Studies 1
Case Studies 1

Trigeminal Neuralgia

A 33 year old male presented himself at the Emergency Department of the local hospital with excruciating nerve pain down one side of his face.

He was eventually diagnosed as having Trigeminal Neuralgia and placed on Endone and another nerve blocking medication. Both of which left him very drowsy and unable to cope properly with day to day life.

After his first treatment the pain had reduced sufficiently for him to choose to cease his medication. After the second treatment he was pain free.

Achilles and Hamstring injury

14 year old full time ballet student presented with sore right Achilles, sore right knee from a condition called Osgood Schlatters and tight right hamstring. Her Achilles was hurting on flexion of the foot.

After one treatment foot was not hurting on flexion, only when doing jumps.
Hamstrings felt better.

After second treatment and a full day of dancing, knee didn’t hurt anymore and hamstrings felt good.

After third treatment and having danced for 6 hours on the day I saw her, she was performing jumps, with little pain in the achilles.

Case Studies 1
Case Studies 1

Sciatic Pain

An 80 year old lady presented with sciatic pain in the right hip and down the back of her right leg and into her ankle as a result of a fall on her tail bone 6 months earlier. No treatment had provided her with relief so Bowen Therapy was her “last resort”.

Her pain level on presenting for her first treatment was 9/10 and she was on Endone (slow release morphine) for pain relief. She couldn’t sit for any great length of time and the Endone affected her physically making her nauseous and contributing to great weight loss.

My client admitted that she had lost her quality of life and often went back to bed after breakfast.

After the first treatment she was pain free for four days with the pain gradually returning to an 8/10 at the time of her next treatment.

Subsequent weekly treatments continued to reduce her pain level, until she remained pain free after the fifth treatment.

I spoke with this lady a couple of months ago, and 18 months down the track and she has continued to remain pain free.

Case Studies 1

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